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Jennifer & Jacob Rucker

Jennifer and Jacob met their first week in college when they were standing in line to check out piano practice room keys for the music building.  They married after college and spent seven years as a military family before settling down in their native state of Texas.  They have three children.  

Jennifer is a pianist, teacher and homeschool mom with over 20 years experience in education.  She holds teaching certificates from the state of Texas with endorsements for Elementary Education, Early Childhood Education, and All-Level Music.   After completing her Bachelor's Degree in Music and Master's Degree in Education (both from Baylor University), she taught elementary music in Texas public schools before leaving to care for her young children at home.  She classically homeschooled their three children for 5 years, participating in multiple co-ops as both a teacher and parent.  Now she is back in the classroom, teaching PK-5 music at a classical university-model school (a hybrid school where students attend class three days a week and are schooled at home for the other two.)  As a parent of two students diagnosed with dyslexia, she has a passion for making the rigor of a Classical education accessible for students of all academic abilities.

Jacob has played the piano since he was ten and also completed a music degree at Baylor University.  During his career in the United States Army, Jacob spent two years on deployment as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom as a helicopter pilot.  Now, Jacob is the owner/operator of two small businesses in their local community.  He enjoys music of all kinds and plays around on the mandolin, fiddle, guitar, and dobro.  He is the creative genius in their recording studio that brings life to all of Scholé Songs.

The first Scholé Song was written in 2020 and launched in 2022.  

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