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Use coupon code SCHOLELOVE for 50% off Scholé All-Access Plan

Choose your pricing plan

  • Timeline Songs

    Every year
    Access to all four Timeline Songs and 20+ Teacher Videos.
    • 4 Timeline Songs
    • Videos of Timeline songs illustrated by beautiful art
    • Videos of Timeline songs with corresponding ASL
    • Weekly teaching videos explaining ASL hand signs
    • Downloadable accompanying teaching resources
  • Best Value

    Scholé All-Access

    Every year
    Timeline + Everything Else + Memory Guide
     3 day free trial
    • Unlimited access to all songs, chants, videos, and playlists
    • Access to music player for all songs
    • Downloadable 24-week Memory Guide for available cycles
    • Downloadable accompanying teaching resources
    • Scripture, History, Geography, Latin
    • Math, Science, English Grammar, Spelling
Plans & Pricing: PaidPlans

If you are using Scholé Songs in a community (co-op or school), we kindly ask that each family unit purchase their own subscription.  While we aim to keep our prices low for families, we need your support to continue making high quality resources for your use.  Thank you for honoring this request.

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