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Our Spelling Chants are meant to help children acquire a database of explicit spelling rules in order to analyze words and be confident spellers.  This is a must for dyslexic students and students who struggle with reading & spelling because it gets the rules off of the page and into their brain!  Each visual includes a video with motions (based on ASL) in order to activate auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning.  Students can also see the teachers mouth position as she makes various sounds.  Add our Spelling Chants to your child's memory work and see the difference for yourself. 

Spelling Songs: My Services

Sample Spelling Video

Here is a sample Spelling Song.  Each song is done as a chant and includes a video of the the Scholé Song Lady saying the chant and performing motions.  Our Spelling Songs will soon be so familiar to your student that you don't need to pull up the video or chant... they'll just pull them up from their head. 

Spelling Rule 4 (A, E, O, U)

Spelling Rule 4 (A, E, O, U)

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