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Our Math Songs are set to original tunes with a variety of fun musical styles represented!  See below for a list of the songs that are currently available for your memory work.  We have many more in development.

Note:  We purposefully did not write songs to skip count 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s, or 11s as these sequences follow predictable patterns that can easily be picked up through chanting/recitation. 

FREE Download of Lyrics available here

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Math Song Sample

Here's a Sample Video to show how we handle Skip Counting Songs.  All songs are original melodies and feature a visual that makes it easy for students to track the numbers as they sing along. 

Skip Count 3s
Skip Count 4s
Skip Count 6s
Skip Count 7s
Skip Count 8s
Skip Count 9s
Skip Count 12s
Skip Count 15s
Skip Count Squares
Skip Count Prime Numbers
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