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Learning made leisure.

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Cycle 4 is here

Now available for purchase

(Online version or downloadable pdf available for All-Access Members)

Full Memory Guides for Cycles 3 & 4

Now available for download to All-Access Members

24 weeks of memory work across nine subjects plus a "Beauty Corner" featuring art, music, and poetry. 

Our downloadable guide contains weekly memory work for the following subjects: Timeline, History, Geography, Math, Science, Latin, English Grammar, Spelling, and Scripture. 

Beauty Corner: 24 weeks of picture study, poetry recitation, composer study, and church hymns

Sample Pages Cycle 3 Schole Songs Memory Work Alternative to CC Classical Conversations
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What is Scholé Songs? 

Scholé Songs is a subscription-based service of memory work with educational songs (with visuals) to help parents, families, and educators teach content in a fun and engaging way.  Our members have exclusive use of our content to use in the manner that best suits them: individually, in community, or in the classroom.

View our sample songs below.

Latin Stems & Endings
Timeline: Ancient Times (Sample)
(Sample) Matthew 6:5-15
US States (Sample)
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Phases of the Moon
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Notes from the Scholé Song Lady
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Inspired by a Biblical worldview and Classical approach to learning, Scholé Songs exists (1) to partner with parents & teachers by providing a broad catalog of quality songs and chants to supplement any elementary curriculum and (2) to make memorization easy and enjoyable for students in the grammar stage of learning, equipping them to absorb and retain as much of the true, good, and beautiful as possible.

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