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Sample Pages Cycle 3 Schole Songs Memory Work Alternative to CC Classical Conversations
Full Memory Guide for Cycle 3
Available for Fall 2023

Now available to All-Access Members

24 weeks of memory work across nine subjects

Beauty Corner: 24 weeks of picture study, poetry recitation, composer study, and church hymns

Our downloadable guide contains weekly memory work for the following subjects: Timeline, History, Geography, Math, Science, Latin, English Grammar, Spelling, and Scripture. 

New songs and resources will be released as they are available. 

Note: Cycles 4, 1, & 2 will be released in subsequent years. 

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What is Scholé Songs? 

Scholé Songs is a subscription-based service of memory work with educational songs (with visuals) to help parents, families, and educators teach content in a fun and engaging way.  Our members have exclusive use of our content to use in the manner that best suits them: individually, in community, or in the classroom.

View our sample songs below.