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Are We There Yet? (A sneak peek of our final product)

One of the struggles that we’ve had in deciding when to fully launch Scholé Songs is knowing when we will have “enough” content to launch. Each song takes a significant amount of time (usually 1-2 weeks, depending on the length/complexity of the song) to produce from writing the initial content to posting the final product of a finished song/visual to the website. We are easily a year away from having a full memory cycle available, and our goal is to have 4 full cycles available.

However, in the meantime, we are sitting on a growing catalog of songs and visuals that could be helping students now. I was recently reminded of the value of what we are doing. My 6th grade daughter is supposed to recite Exodus 20:1-17 in a little over a week. I reminded her a few weeks ago that we have a song that she can use to memorize it, but she didn’t want to sing her memory work. (Ahem. 6th grader alert!) I explained to her that she doesn’t have to sing it, but just use the song as a “mental backup” for herself as she is reciting it. After 2 weeks of unsuccessfully trying to memorize it without music, she asked if I would play the song in the car. After just 2 days of listening and singing along, she was able to recite the entire passage with no prompts! The sections that had gotten jumbled up previously now tumbled out of her mouth with no miscues. Music makes memory work so much easier (and permanent)!

What is our long term vision? We want to have 4 memory cycles worth of memory songs/chants for the following subjects: Timeline, Scripture, History, Geography, Math, English Grammar, Spelling, Science, and Latin. Each cycle will be 24 weeks long to allow a relaxed pace through a typical 36 week school year. Timeline and the first 12 weeks of Math Songs will repeat in every cycle. The second 12 weeks of Math will alternate in a two-year cycle, along with English Grammar, Spelling Rules, and Latin. History, Geography, Science, and Scripture will have 4 different cycles. Poetry selections will also be provided for each cycle, but they will not be set to music. An annual subscription gives a user access to all of our resources. They will be able to use one of our pre-planned memory cycles, or put one together for themselves based on their own learning goals for that year. Videos and songs will always be ad-free so that parents can have their children on our website without other content being a distraction.

Want a sneak peak of our plan? Green means that it's done. Light green means that no song is planned. Yellow means that it is in production.

Ancient Times, Biology, Continents/Middle East Geography, Old Testament Scripture
Cycle 1-Ancient Times, Biology, Continents/Middle East Geography, Old Testament Scripture

Cycle 2- Early Church History, Europe/Africa Geography, Chemistry, Earth Science, Psalms

Cycle 3- Exploration & Early America, United States/Americas geography, Astronomy, Physics, Words of Jesus

Cycle 4- Modern Times, Chemistry & Earth Science, New Testament

As you can see, Cycle 3 is the closest one to being finished, so we have prioritized producing songs that will complete that cycle. It just worked out that the Geography and Scripture Songs that we started with fit with that cycle the best. Across all cycles, History Songs will probably be the last thing that we produce. In my experience, those are the songs that have been used the least as my own children have progressed through Logic and Rhetoric stages.

Once the website is fully launched and content has been filled out, we will release an app to make it easier for users to stream content from phones and tablets.

This update is accurate as of October 2022. The link below will take you to a page that I will update as we continue to make progress towards our goal.

Want to join us on our journey? Please consider subscribing to our All-Access Plan to help us have the resources and time to continue building out our website. We are always open to requests and feedback.

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